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Why Explosive Bath Bombs?

Essential oils are known to be insoluble in water. So romantically if you drop a few essential oil in the water, let the aroma diffuse in the space, and then immerse yourself in the water.Actually, it is not much recommended. It’s okay for the aroma to diffuse, and it’s beautiful, but the water-insoluble essential oil floats on the water. When you enter the water, it may float to your body. If it touches a more sensitive mucous membrane, it will feel more irritating.


So how can we scientifically use essential oils to make a bath or foot bath? Generally speaking, we will use something as a medium. For example, drop the essential oil into milk, and then pour the milk with the essential oil into the water. Another example is to use sea salt as a medium, drop the essential oil into the sea salt, and then put the sea salt into the water. I personally recommend sea salt very much, because in terms of energy addition, sea salt has a good purification effect, and the price is also very affordable. However, this method is more suitable for daily home use, and it is relatively simple and easy to operate. The exploding bath bombs is a bit more ritual and fun.


What is a bath bomb?

It includes sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, sea buckthorn fruit oil, rose essential oil, rosemary essential oil, sodium hyaluronate, citric acid, disodium EDTA.


Effect of bath salt ball: natural extract, long-lasting fragrance, mild and non-irritating, free of silicone oil, mineral oil, soap base, with many benefits such as exfoliation, whitening, skin care, mild softening of the skin, etc.


How to use it?

  1. Bubble bath: The use process is like throwing an oversized vitamin C effervescent tablet into the bathtub and quickly soaking it. Ordinary bath salts are mostly composed of natural land salts, natural sea salts, minerals and plant essential oils, while the explosive bath bombs contain more baking soda and citric acid, which produces an effervescent effect when exposed to water.
  2. Bathing: smash the bath ball, apply an appropriate amount after body wash, and rinse with water after massaging.
  3. Hand and foot care: Take an appropriate amount of bath bomb, put it in the water to completely dissolve and invade the hands or feet, massage and rinse with water. The advantage of using the bath bomb is that it adds a lot of fun while cleaning and moisturizing. In contact with water, it produces rich foam and gorgeous colors, which are very popular with children and young girls abroad. In addition, the bath bombs are colorful and diverse in shape, like delicate ice cream and delicious donuts, which makes people stop and watch.


Wherever you use it, it will bring a wonderful bath spa for you.


Post time: Sep-03-2022