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What’s the advantages and the scientific principles the bath Bomb?


Bath bomb

 Bath salt ball has many benefits such as exfoliation, whitening, and skin care. It is also called bath salt bomb because it contains carbonic acid and bubbles when put into water.

 The main ingredients are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, then add surfactants and anti-caking agents, as well as sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, etc. It dissolves quickly in water again.

 1. Soothing scent

 Bath bombs filled with a variety of pleasant scents make sense and also help to relax or lift the spirit. These scents can be used to produce effects of the user's choice. Some, such as citrus, can be refreshing. In contrast, others such as lavender can be soothing.

 2. Good for the skin

 Bath bombs usually contain ingredients that can be used to moisturize the skin disease beneficial to the skin. By using them, people can protect their skin, thus ensuring that it stays as smooth and soft as it should be.

 3. Promotes healing

 A good bath bomb is relaxing, so it is an excellent way to de-stress for those who are tired due to the stress of everyday work.


4. Made with natural ingredients

Some people may be sensitive to harsh chemicals. At the same time, others have been encouraged to choose all-natural products whenever possible. Fortunately, bath bombs are made from all-natural ingredients.


Post time: Jul-29-2022